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The new single on the way.

Last news! The new single “Indian Summer” by Alex Voronkov already on the way. The release of the single will be on August 9th 2022. More details a little later.

“Indian Summer”

Fragment of the air on Radio Stella Piemonte

Fragment of the air on Radio Stella Piemonte (Italy🇮🇹), from program “Alterazioni Musicali”. This is the radio show about jazz, funk music with amazing VJ Renato Ghelli and Giancarlo Coppo . There you can hear our single “Seсret Message”.
The full version of the program you can listen here. Air date of the program Apr 20, 2021.

New single “Secret Message”

The new single “Secret message” is available in online stores.

Cover of the single "Secret message" by Alex Voronkov.

Who took a part of working for new single:

Alex Voronkov – guitar, 
Levon Grigoryan keyboards,
Roman Grinev – bass (rip)*,
Petr Ivshin – drums,
Egor Shamanin – tenor sax,
Nikolay Lukyanov (“Mars”studio) – recording,
Elina Hvorostova – mixing,
Gavin Lurssen («Lurssen mastering», USA) – mastering.
Design cover by Alex Voronkov.

Release date: 2 may 2019

*This track dedicate memory of bassist Roman Grinev.

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